our latest addition to the range – oob organic mango

Enjoy the taste of summer straight from the freezer, all year round and 100% certified organic! 

PORTION CONTROLLED: Snap frozen to be enjoyed in the amount you choose.

CONVENIENT: The oob crew do all the hard work of preparing a fresh mango so you can just enjoy anytime.

NUTRITIOUS: Healthy, nutritious and fruity organic goodness for the whole family and those following dairy-free, raw and paleo diets.

VERSATILE:  Perfect for baking, as a breakfast topping or as an addition to your favourite smoothie!

Mango proudly sourced from a sixth generation fair trade family in Peru.



canstar oob organic ice cream review

canstar oob organic ice cream review

Canstar Blue’s inaugural customer satisfaction ratings for ice cream brands saw 14 of New Zealand’s favourites go head to head. Three of them achieved top marks for overall satisfaction, including Oob Organic. So we caught up with a spokesperson from the company to discuss its success, which also saw the brand score a five-star review for taste.