Taste Tester Review! Coconut Frozen Dessert.

We recently ran a fun competition to select Taste Testers, who were the first to try our new 100% certified organic dairy-free range. Here’s what Nicky Leith from Auckland had to say about our Coconut Frozen Dessert:

"On Friday I was lucky enough to be delivered two of your new dairy free frozen desserts and it made my day! I first opened the chocolate and WOW it did not disappoint, it was even better than expected and trying your products many times before I already expected it to be amazing. Even though it is dairy free it still had that delicious creamy texture without the dairy. I’m a chocolate lover and I know all other chocolate lovers will thoroughly enjoy this delicious treat! Moving on to the mango... it instantly brought me to summer and I could imagine myself dipping into a tub of the Mango dessert on a hot summer day.

The mango was deliciously sweet and tasted really natural, not artificial like many other mango flavoured foods. It reminded me a little of a tasty sorbet which I love! Overall 100% recommend both flavours and I hope you decide to add a few more flavours to your dairy free range! I can’t wait until it arrives in stores so I can stock up after eating these two tubs so quickly! Keep up the awesome work and thanks again for choosing me to review."