FAQ: where is your produce grown?

While we would like to grow all fruit straight from our orchard in Omaha, we simply can’t. Our climate here in New Zealand doesn’t allow us to grow every fruit and all year round. But that’s why we have partner growers in other countries. So we can bring you delicious 100% certified organic fruit, in every season.

For us, it’s not about where it’s grown but how. Our fellow growers have the same values and follow the same organic principals, certification approvals and processes as us. This is how we can make organic product more mainstream and accessible. 

A majority of our certified organic fruit comes from Chile and Peru (occasionally the USA, Germany, and other European organic farms). Our owners have a long standing relationship with our organic growing partners. We visit their orchard numerous times each year and they have a very high standard of hygiene and food safety compliance, and state of the art packing facilities. Their fruit is USDA (US Department of Agriculture) certified and must comply with strict HACCP Food Safety Procedures in accordance with New Zealand and Australian Regulations. All our frozen produce is snap frozen at the point of maximum freshness. 

We produce fresh blueberries from our orchard which are available to purchase in New Zealand in the Summer season, but growing conditions are not ideal to grow the volume of berries in demand year round.

There are two ways you can trace the origin of your oob organic produce. You can check out the country of origin on the product packaging, which is printed next to the barcode. You can also check any product listing on the oob organic website, where we list the country of origin is part of the product information. When it comes to our ice cream, the 100% organic dairy is produced in New Zealand. If you have any queries about the origin of your oob produce or ingredients, you can also contact us direct


This is Jorge (left), with Robert from oob organic. Jorge is our fellow Chilean partner and expert grower. Robert met Jorge over 10 years ago and ever since have been growing only the best quality organic fruit straight from their orchards. Together they follow the same values, organic principles and certification processes and approvals so you can enjoy the very best organic. 


We’re just real people making real organic food. Simple. Together we’re dedicated to farming organic produce to the highest standards, for you and your loved ones.