Tell us about our partner farmers and the people that we benefit by eating oob organic?

There isn’t enough organic farming in New Zealand to satisfy the demand for our customers in NZ and Australia, therefore after exhausting all available supply locally, we have encouraged a long time grower in Chile to partner with us, and to grow additional fruits to satisfy our needs. This is a close relationship which has culminated from many years of partnership and visits to and from Chile.  Whilst we would like to grow more fruit ourselves, purchasing more land to grow organic fruit in our current region of Omaha is not cost effective, with very high land prices. Also, the growing areas of Chile are perfect for organic growing, with a superior growing climate to NZ, with drier weather resulting in better quality fruit during the harvest period. They also have good sunshine hours, and the weather in the winter is cold enough to assist with the chilling hours required to enable good fruit production. Growing in Chile is equally sustainable with great water supply from the many rivers sourcing clean water from the Andes, and the volcanic soil, whilst different to our peat soils, is also high in nutrition.

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