What are some of the challenges organic farmers face?

The environment affects conventional farms as much organic, although we don’t have the tools to combat powdery mildew as a result of high humidity or fruit rots from excessive rain.  Frosts are of course damaging, however in our region it is unlikely to experience a late frost in Spring which would be catastrophic. Rain is very damaging, especially when the fruit is ripe. Excess water is taken up by the plants and the fruit splits, or the fruit is actually damaged by the rain or Hail . There aren’t many seasons when we haven’t suffered from some sort of rain damage.  A cold spring can mean a poor pollination as it has been too cold for the bees to work the flowers. Also rain and wind can keep them from their work. Sometimes we get in Bumble Bees, as they are more hardy and don’t mind the rain so much. Bad spring weather can have a major impact on the outcome of the upcoming harvest.

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