At oob, we take our organic certification very seriously. It’s a point of pride and our guarantee to you that every single blueberry, bean or broccoli florette has been grown to the highest organic standards, following organic horticulture principles.

But what does that really mean? We thought we’d take a little time to take you through just what goes into ensuring all our oob berries and veggies are the absolute bees knees when it comes to upholding international organic standards.

It started with a mission.

Since starting out in 2001, we’ve always believed that eating organic is better for you and our environment. For us, being certified organic is a proven commitment to our land, the plants we grow, our staff, and you, our loyal oob eaters!

So what is organic horticulture?

Organic horticulture is about much more than just our fruit and veg. It means taking a dedicated organic approach to every aspect of our work, from the soil to the plant to your plate.

That means tending our earth, the seeds we select to grow from, dealing with pests, processing our fruit and even the ways we clean up must all be free from synthetic pesticides, chemicals, cleaning agents and fertilisers.

It’s a “whole system” approach to farming and food production that promotes and enhances biodiversity and fosters sustainable growing practices.

But don’t just take our word for it.

We could just tell you that we’re organic through and through, but to really give you every confidence, we go to one of the world’s leading organic certification organisations, AsureQuality, and get them to check we’re doing everything just right.

They apply a rigorous, internationally accepted set of certification standards. For us to meet those standards and get their tick, they put all we do through its paces.

First, we complete a detailed organic management plan which covers every step of our production processes and all the inputs that go in along the way.

They then carry out an onsite audit to inspect every detail for themselves.

Finally, they come back every year to audit us over again and make sure we’re upholding the AsureQuality standards.

It’s a lot of work, but we think it’s worth it to give all our awesome oob customers the very best products - products that are great for you and our precious environment.

Check out the AsureQuality website to learn more, or get in touch with us if you have any questions.